Gardening Adventures

  • Fertilizers for Container Gardens

    Fertilizers for Container Gardens

    Now that you have your plants all set up in their new homes, it is time to tend them and help them thrive. Fertilizers are a necessary part of container gardening because the plants don't have access to the minerals and nutrients found in soil. Potting soil provides nutrients in the beginning but over time it depletes. The plants need supplements to ensure that they grow and flourish.   Types of Fertilizer   Slow-release, or timed-release, fertilizers contain a water soluble fertilizer that is sheathed in a ball of permeable resin coating. Nutrients are released in small amounts when the...

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  • Gardening in Urban or Limited Spaces

    Gardening in Urban or Limited Spaces


    If space is an issue, don't be discouraged! There are many ways to utilize balconies, porches, and tiny lawn spaces to support a garden. A garden doesn't have to be the traditional patch of dirt in the backyard. There are lots of options for growing fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers regardless of how much area is available.
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  • Container Garden Soil 101

    Container Garden Soil 101

    Soil is arguably one of the most important aspects to growing a successful garden. It's the foundation of where your food and flowers come from! You can plant your garden in any container, and purchase your seeds from anywhere, but it's your soil that will make your garden grow.  Container gardening is a little different than a traditional garden, and we want you to have your most successful CedarCraft garden yet. Here is a handy rundown of what you need to know about container gardening soil to have a bountiful harvest.    Garden Soil Is Not Container Soil  As tempting...

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  • Introduction to Container Gardening

    Introduction to Container Gardening


    The versatility of using containers to grow plants can't be beaten. Container gardening gives you the ability to garden all year-round regardless of your outdoor climate. Plants in containers are more accessible, grow fewer weeds, and require fewer gardening tools. They are perfect for situations where outdoor space simply isn't an option.
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  • Growing CedarCraft in 2016

    Growing CedarCraft in 2016

    Spring is just around the corner and we're getting ready for the 2016 gardening season! CedarCraft is growing like wildflowers and this gardening season is sure to be a bumper crop of good stuff. We have a brand new product line that includes multiple sizes for our Elevated planters, smaller tiered Cascading planters, expandable raised beds, and self-watering planters! We're really excited to see what people plant in them this year. This year you'll find us in more retail locations, including some rotations at various Costco stores across the country and in a few independent gardening centers, too! Be sure...

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  • Putting Your CedarCraft Garden To Bed

    Putting Your CedarCraft Garden To Bed


    The first frost is just around the corner, if not already here, for many gardeners in colder climates. Harvest season is over and winter is creeping its cold, icy fingers into garden beds. It’s time to clean up and prepare for next spring by putting your CedarCraft garden to bed. Putting in the extra cleanup effort at the end of fall will help you start your spring gardening season off on the right foot. Your planters will be clean, and filled with healthy, warm soil earlier than gardeners waiting for the ground to thaw out, which means you get a...

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