The 6 Fastest Growing Vegetables for Your Garden

The 6 Fastest Growing Vegetables for Your Garden

Gardening takes time but not all vegetables need a lot of time to grow. There is a large variance in maturity rates between different types of vegetables. Planting types that mature quickly mean the sooner you get to enjoy the rewards of your hard work. Additionally, the vegetables in this list are all easy to grow which make them great options for beginning gardeners.


  1. Lettuce


Ready in as little as 30 days, lettuce should be planted early and often. It can be planted all season long with successive plantings. There are many types of lettuce to choose from which makes this a great choice just for the sake of variety. Some grow better in cooler weather and some are designed for the hotter days of summer. The garden will never get boring when there are multiple types of lettuce coming ready for harvest throughout the season.


  1. Radishes


This spicy, crunchy, garden gem is a super fast grower. Depending on the type, it can be ready to harvest in 25 days. They prefer cooler weather, so plant them in early in the Spring and you will be enjoying the fruits of your labors while you're still getting other plants in the garden. In late summer, another few rounds of radishes can be planted to be harvested in early fall and into the winter.


  1. Zucchini


Everyone knows already how prolific zucchini can be but another great thing about this vegetable is that it grows quite quickly as well. Maturity rates for zucchini range from 40-50 days. Once the plant flowers, the fruit is ready for harvesting in as little as 4-8 days.


  1. Beets


A great vegetable to have in the garden not only because it grows fast but because all parts of the beet are edible and highly nutritious. Beet greens are ready to be harvested 30 days after planting while the beetroot takes a little bit longer, up to 60 days. The greens should be trimmed off the top in small amounts, a few leaves off of each one so as not to hinder the root growing below.


  1. Bush Beans


These are a great choice because they are very low maintenance and high producers. A one-square-foot bean patch yields around 1 quart of beans. The average days to maturity for bush beans is 50 days. To increase the yield, do consecutive plantings spaced two weeks apart and you will be enjoying bush beans all season long.


  1. Kale


Besides being a powerhouse vegetable nutritionally, kale is also a powerhouse grower. It grows fast, strong, all season long, and it doesn't die off easily. One plant, treated with the right care, can produce all season long starting from when it is just 2" tall. This means you can be harvesting kale in as little as 30 days. Cut off the leaves as they mature and watch the plant keep producing more.


If you are new to gardening or short on time, this list of vegetables is the perfect place to start. Not only will you be enjoying fresh vegetables just a month after you start your garden, but you may also have some to share with the neighbors. Happy Gardening! For more ideas, tips, and inspiration follow us on Facebook.

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