Gardening in Urban or Limited Spaces

Gardening in Urban or Limited Spaces

If space is an issue, don't be discouraged! There are many ways to utilize balconies, porches, and tiny lawn spaces to support a garden. A garden doesn't have to be the traditional patch of dirt in the backyard. There are lots of options for growing fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers regardless of how much area is available.

What makes a Garden?

A garden can be as simple as a few plants sitting directly on the balcony. It can be a couple of tomato plants sitting on the front stoop. Any space that gets sun can be turned into a space to grow plants.

The main way to increase garden space is to use the vertical space around you in addition to the flat horizontal space. A tiered planter makes great use of space and can be used to grow sturdy vegetables.  Then, wire baskets can be hung from the walls or railings to grow flowers and your space will be transformed into a beautiful garden.

Using planters, baskets, and shelves are especially good for apartments where no digging in the ground or lawn is allowed. These alternatives can be set up on paved paths, driveways, balconies, and other places where a traditional garden isn't allowed. And if they ever need to be moved or removed, there isn't any long-lasting alteration to the landscape.


Space Saving Options

Window Boxes

Attaching some window boxes to the balcony railings is a great way to increase available gardening space. Lining window boxes along the paved path to your front door is another fantastic way to create growing space in a place where it wasn't an option before.



There are so many choices for planters, there is sure to be one that fits the needs of your particular space and gardening goals. Planters are an urban gardener's best friend because they allow gardens to happen in places that previously were not an option.  A self-watering planter makes gardening a lot easier and is great for busy people who may worry about having enough time to devote to a garden.



Any vegetables that have climbing vines will need a trellis. A trellis can be attached to the wall or along a railing and will prevent any vines from invading the limited floor space.


Hanging Baskets

Railings and wall are a great place to install hanging baskets. The color and size options of hanging baskets are basically limitless and can add a lot of color and variety to your gardening space.


Creating the Ideal Garden Space

Installing a variety of planters, like these from CedarCraft, is one of the best ways to increase gardening potential. A few can go on the deck, some on the balcony, and some along the front pathway and suddenly, you have quite a bit of gardening space available.

Because the planter is usually the largest growing space, it is best to choose the one that works best in your space and then arrange the hanging baskets, window boxes, and trellis' around it. In general, vegetables should go in the planters and window boxes and then flowers and herbs in the hanging baskets.

A little bit of imagination and a desire for the wonder of fresh vegetables and flowers is all that is needed to create a garden, no matter where you live. For more ideas and inspiration, follow us on Facebook.

  • CedarCraft says...

    Hi Judy,
    We hope you are enjoying your gift! Yes, we sell Greenhouse covers for a variety of our planters. You can find the 2 different sizes here:
    Good luck with your strawberries.

    On Apr 24, 2019

  • Judy Boehm says...

    Hi-I received one of your boxes as a gift, pleasant surprise. I live in South Florida. Do you sell a cover to help protect from too much sun? To start I planted 2 strawberry plants, one has survived, but afraid the sun will kill it. Thank you for your help

    On Apr 24, 2019

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