Cedar Grilling Planks 7 x 16” (10-pack) & Aluminum Serving Platter

$ 59.99

Cedar grilling adds a delicious smoky flavor to your grilling favorites.  Super easy to use and guaranteed results.  Great with salmon, other seafood, beef, poultry and veggies.  Get creative and try pizzas, warmed cheeses and even deserts.  The aluminum serving platter lets you go straight from the grill to the table for an amazing presentation.  Take your backyard grilling to the next level!

This item includes a total of 10 Cedar Grilling Planks 7 x 16” & 1 aluminum serving platter.

  • A delicious & healthy way of cooking
  • Easy to use:
    • Soak – submerge the plank in water for ~30 minutes
    • Prep – pre-heat grill to medium heat.  Place seasoned food directly on the plank.
    • Smoke – place plank directly on the grill.  Close lid and cook until done.  No turning or flipping necessary. 
    • Enjoy! - food comes out moist & delicious every time.
  • For use on gas or charcoal grills
  • Planks made in Canada from Western Red Cedar.  100% natural & sustainably sourced.
  • Aluminum platter is food-safe, won’t break or tarnish, easy clean up.