It all starts with an idea

It all starts with an idea.
Maybe it was when you were tidying up the deck, making plans for new patio furniture and the creation of a small backyard oasis - an oasis filled with beautiful flowers to enjoy as you sip on sangria in the summer breeze. 
Maybe it came to you while you were cooking dinner last night for the family, wishing that you could reach over for some freshly grown basil to toss into the pasta sauce - basil that you tended to and your kids helped to water over the months. 
Or maybe it came to you after making a resolution to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, wanting to fill your home with products that reflected the values that are important to you. 
In your moment of reflection, you wanted an easy way to make these ideas your reality. Something that wouldn't complicate your life. Something that would make your home... 
Welcome to CedarCraft's blog where we are going to help your ideas come to life! Each month we're going to share tips and inspiration to help you add freshness and beauty to your home in creative and simple ways. We'll help you get the most out of your raised gardens for a successful harvest of herbs and vegetables. And we'll share easy design projects to add that "something special" to your living spaces. 
Feel free to join your communities for more inspiration and connection to people using CedarCraft products in their everyday lives!
  • CedarCraft says...

    Hi Shirley!

    Our planters are constructed from untreated cedar wood, and aren’t stained. This is the natural pattern from the wood. Beautiful, isn’t it!?

    You could probably add casters to the bottom very easily, but please keep in mind that doing so would impact our return policy:

    On Feb 23, 2015

  • Shirley Langley says...

    How can I order the stain? do you think I can add wheels to the bottom legs?

    Thank You!

    On Feb 21, 2015

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